Nintendo on Importance of Cross-Platform Play

Among the many announcements in Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct, Nintendo and Epic Games announced the launch of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch with cross-play that very day.

The Swtich version offers cross-platform play and cross-platform progression with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile devices. However, as players soon learned, Epic Games accounts linked to Fortnite on PS4 cannot carry over to the Switch version of Epic's popular battle royale title.

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Fortnite on Switch Has Been Downloaded 2 Million Times

Though some leaks indicated it would be coming to the platform,  Fortnite surprisingly launched for the Nintendo Switch immediately following Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct. And in less than a day, a huge number of players have already downloaded the popular battle royale game.

Speaking to IGN at E3 2018, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed to IGN that, in its first day of availability, Fortnite has been downloaded on Switch more than two million times.

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is an Absolute Delight

My brief time with Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age was a delight, an airy romp through a vibrant fantasy world crowded with colorful monsters. I led my party on horseback through steep canyons lined with spiraling caches of minerals and littered with towering ruins. Dragon Quest continues to be a friendly RPG series. When I encountered hostile anthropomorphic cacti, they danced and smiled at me even as they tried to poke me to death. Even the most fearsome enemies have a delightfully adorable quality about them, and there’s a sense of whimsy and playfulness that inhabits the design.

The Dragon Quest franchise permeates Japanese popular culture. Its creator Yuji Horii is a national celebrity. The vibrant Dragon Quest monster designs by the legendary Akira Toriyama are universally-recognized icons in Japanese stores and television. Its 30 year old theme music can be heard practically everywhere.

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Batman Writer Reveals ‘Heroes in Crisis’

DC Comics have revealed the next major comic book project from Batman writer Tom King. King will be reuniting with artist Clay Mann for Heroes in Crisis, a new seven-issue miniseries that explores the impact a life of violence has on DC's most vulnerable heroes.

The word "Crisis" has important connotations in the DC Universe, but this story looks to be more in line with 2004's Identity Crisis than cosmic-focused tales like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Final Crisis. Heroes in Crisis introduces a counseling center called Sanctuary, one created by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and geared towards helping their fellow heroes cope with the crushing psychological pressures of the job. The series will explore the role Sanctuary serves in the superhuman community and what happens when it fails. The series will also be set against the backdrop of a murder mystery, not unlike Identity Crisis before it.

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Thor: New Comic, Same Quality

It's becoming slightly ridiculous just how many times Marvel has relaunched Jason Aaron's ongoing Thor saga. It started as Thor: God of Thunder, then became Thor, then briefly changed to Thors during Secret Wars, then transformed into The Mighty Thor. And now we've circled right back around to Thor again. But no matter how often the title on the cover changes, the quality has remained consistent. If you were reading and enjoying The Mighty Thor before, you'll want to be following Thor now.

Aaron himself has stuck around for the Fresh Start relaunch, but a great deal else has changed with the series. The most obvious being that the Odinson has reclaimed the mantle of Thor and resumed defending Midgard while the victorious Jane Foster finally has a chance to recuperate. But if happier, Thor is still not quite whole. Mjolnir is MIA. Asgardia has been destroyed, and the Bifrost along with it. And even as the gods are at a low ebb, Malekith's War of realms rages on unchecked.

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Cheetah Explained: Who Is the Wonder Woman 1984 Villain?

Update: For your first look at Cheetah in the Wonder Woman sequel, head here!

While details surrounding Wonder Woman 1984 -- a.k.a. Wonder Woman 2 -- remain scarce, we do at least know which DC villain Gal Gadot's heroine will be battling in the sequel. Kristen Wiig has been cast as Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman's oldest and most nefarious foes.

While we wait for this epic clash between comic book titans, here's everything you need to know about Cheetah and the various women who have held that title in DC's comics.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Director on Potential for DLC

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the culmination of every Kingdom Hearts game that has come before it, and while that is leading to a very intentional story, its developers are open to expanding the game with DLC after launch.

Speaking at E3 2018, Kingdom Hearts franchise director Tetsuya Nomura told IGN he wants to have post-launch content in Kingdom Hearts 3. But, don't expect any concrete announcements of what that DLC could be just yet.

"In this day and age, most major titles do have some kind of content releases after their release," Nomura told IGN via translation. "So since I considered Kingdom Hearts 3 to be one of those major titles, I do want to have something to add to your enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts 3, so maybe you could continue to play a little longer than release, but we haven't really thought of anything in detail yet."

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Gal Gadot Reveals New Photo From Wonder Woman 1984

UPDATE, June 17: Gal Gadot has now released a new image of her in costume from Wonder Woman 1984, the now-filming sequel to the 2017 DC superhero movie blockbuster.

Gadot revealed the photo on Twitter; it can be seen in the slideshow below.

The original report from June 13th follows.

Warner Bros. has officially announced the commencement of principal photography on Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the 2017 blockbuster based on the DC Comics superhero. They also released two official still phots from the movie.

Gal Gadot once again stars in Wonder Woman 2, which co-stars Kristen Wiig as the film's main villain, The Cheetah. Pedro Pascal also stars.

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The Incredible Hulk is the Most Underrated MCU Movie

Marvel's The Incredible Hulk hits its tenth anniversary this week, as the film was originally released on June 13, 2008. So we figured it was time to take a look back at the movie and see how it stands up against its current reputation.

When people rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies, as they so often do, one of the films that typically ends up near the bottom of the list is Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk. At a glance it’s easy to see why. It stars Edward Norton, an actor whose work was swiftly overshadowed by his replacement, Mark Ruffalo. It’s a gloomy movie that treats its hero like a Universal Monster, instead of one of the quippy, positive character development-centric adventure flicks that the MCU movies eventually became.

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