Always Sunny Duo Score Video Game Comedy Series at Apple

Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are making a comedy series for Apple set in a video game development studio.

Variety reports this currently unnamed series will be the pair's first collaboration since working on the popular comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which McElhenney and Day both not only star in but are also executive producers.

While not much is known about the upcoming show yet, it looks to explore the intricacies of the human condition through comedy while set in the world of video game development.

McElhenney is also set to take a starring role alongside co-writing and executive producing with Day, who recently weighed in on celebrities being fired for tweets.

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Our Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Reactions, Dead Cells Thoughts and Much More!

Well, we're back for another week of Nintendo news. W-W-W-WELCOME to episode 419! This week, our Super Smash Brothers Ultimate quota is up by at least 115%. We'll rundown all the new characters, stages, gameplay modes, and also... Did your know that your Switch is basically an iPod now? What a time to be alive!

As always, you can watch NVC here on IGN and on our YouTube channel (subscribe and hit that bell! It gives fairies wings!) or listen to it on your commute in audio format. If you enjoy the show, share it with other Nintendo fans, leave us a comment, and give us a thumbs up or leave us a review! If you prefer audio over video, please subscribe to NVC on iTunes or your podcast service of choice. You can also download and listen to the latest episode of NVC Right Here.

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Black Ops 4 Multiplayer PC Beta – IGN Plays Live 8/10 11AM PT/2PM ET

We're back at it again with the Black Ops 4 beta, this time with a keyboard and mouse. The PC beta begins this Friday, and we'll be there with our loadouts ready as we prepare to stream two hours on IGN Plays Live.


So join us Friday, August 10 from 11am-1pm PT/2-4pm ET/7-9pm UK (Saturday, August 11 from 4-6am AET), right here on the front page of, or on YouTubeTwitch, or Mixer.

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Shark Movies That Couldn’t Possibly Be Real (But Totally Are)

in a world where audiences will watch just about anything with a shark in it, ridiculous shark movies are thriving. Not standard ridiculous shark movies, like The Meg, but shark movies with a premise so absurd it would have been rejected from the writers room on Saturday Night Live a few decades go. And although many of these shark movies know how ludicrous they are, they’re still spending lots of time and money (okay, okay, “lots” is relative) to turn some truly nonsensical ideas into a reality.

Here, then, are our picks for shark movies that couldn’t possibly be real, but totally are.

Watch our review of The Meg above.

The 2-Headed Shark Attack Series

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Marvel Rising: Initiation Takes the Animated Universe to New Heights

Marvel Rising is the latest attempt by the titular entertainment juggernaut to appeal to its shifting consumer demographics, specifically the rising tide of next-generation female superhero fans. Planned as a multi-platform franchise targeted primarily at tweens, this new flagship universe is kicking off with a series of animated shorts that will tie into an 80-minute television movie premiering this fall – and there will undoubtedly be more to come should the endeavor prove successful.

While all this new attention for female heroes is wondrously luxurious, it could run the risk of feeling a little pandering, and perhaps too little, too late, given how long audiences have waited for heroines like Captain Marvel and Black Widow to get their own solo movies. Yet Marvel Rising: Initiation (a six-episode series of shorts that set the stage for the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors movie), thankfully manages to sidestep those concerns, as the end result genuinely feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air for Marvel, and a promising sign for its future endeavors.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate: 5 Moves that Will Make Simon Great

During a recent Nintendo Direct, the director of the Smash Bros. franchise Masahiro Sakurai announced the addition of Simon Belmont to the roster of his upcoming game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives on Nintendo Switch later this year, but the reveal gave us a preview of what to expect from Castlevania's finest whipmaster.

You can watch the trailer embedded below, and we've broken out five moments in the trailer that demonstrate moves we expect will be key to playing Simon effectively in Ultimate.

In this first highlight, we get to see what could be Simon's horizontal smash or his Forward + B attack. The range looks incredible, as Simon's whip significant outranges Corrin's already long spear smash.

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BlacKkKlansman Review

Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman is many films, all at once. It’s a serious drama about racial issues. It’s a thrilling undercover cop movie. It’s a disturbing comedy about white supremacy. It’s a horror story about white supremacy. It’s a complex dialogue about propagandist cinema. And most importantly… it’s fantastic.

BlacKkKlansman stars John David Washington as Detective Ron Stallworth, the first black policeman in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1979, Stallworth begins an undercover operation into the white supremacist organization called The Ku Klux Klan, in which he impersonates a racist white man over the phone. His infiltration is so successful he even gets the Grand Wizard, David Duke (Topher Grace), on the phone for a chit-chat. When he needs to appear in person, Stallworth enlists his fellow officer, Detective Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), to take on the persona.

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Ubisoft Confirms Steep Is No Longer Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft's open world extreme snow sport game Steep is no longer coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Confirmed via a reply on Twitter, the official Steep account said "We are wholly dedicated to supporting the live game, and made the decision to stop Steep development on the Nintendo Switch platform to focus on bringing new live content and challenges to Steep players instead. We’ll have more exciting news to share soon."

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 2.50.39 PMSteep was originally announced during the Switch's reveal event in January 2017. It was shown alongside games like Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and more in a sizzle reel, though while most other games in the video have since been released, Steep for the Switch went relatively radio silent.

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The Meg Review

When the ink has dried on the early 21st century, historians will probably look back and say, “Wow, people loved sharks” and “Wow, people also loved Jason Statham punching things.” Fortunately, those historians will have films like Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg to explain why we love them both. It’s a fun giant killer shark movie, and a solid Jason Statham action romp.

The Meg stars Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor, a deep sea rescue expert called out of retirement to rescue his ex-wife from a unique underwater disaster. She’s trapped at the bottom of the Marianas Trench which, it turns out, was deeper than anyone ever realized. And what’s worse, she’s being attacked by a giant prehistoric shark called a Megalodon.

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